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We believe that all employees are to be treated as individuals and are to be shown respect and dignity. This applies to both how the company and its management team treat individuals, and how employees treat one another. Our customers and vendors should also be treated with respect and dignity.

We believe that responsibility, authority and decision-making should reside with the employees closest to the actual work being performed or the issue at hand. However, with responsibility and authority comes an obligation on the part of employees to perform in a self-motivated manner, to seek help when appropriate, and to strive to make NGI successful. Excellence is expected from everyone.

As part of the partnership that the company has with its employees and management, the company is committed to sharing a substantial portion of its annual profits with employees and management in the form of annual bonuses. Although these are our values, we cannot lose sight of the fact that NGI is in business to make money. Without adequate profits, the company is not viable and cannot survive in the marketplace. Our core values are meant to serve as a constraint on the manner in which we conduct business and earn a profit, but are not meant to be the primary reason we exist.

As a result of these values, employees should have an enjoyable environment in which to work and should find that when they do what they think is right, it will be consistent with the values of the company.